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Onsite Machining

Metalock Engineering Services have built up an extensive range of precision machining equipment specially designed for onsite situations. These machines together with our team of highly skilled site engineers and technicians, who all have many years experience on all types of projects both large and small, are building Metalock a reputation as the market leaders in onsite machining applications and also enabling us to respond to our customer's needs in emergencies as well as planned shutdown maintenance situations.

Milling, Boring, Drilling and Tapping, Orbital Turning and Facing are services regularly provided by Metalock throughout the world.

From the Head Office, an engineering design team using the latest CAD software to develop special purpose machines and techniques that accurately machine plant and equipment onsite to our customers specifications and requirements.

Eliminating the need to transport large items of plant to a machine shop for repair can provide significant savings both in time and cost. However, those items that are small enough for transportation can be required in our workshop.  

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