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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Metalock?

Metalock is a specialised international casting repair proceedure. Metalock has repair facilities in 90 countries and is renowned as the biggest engineering repair company in the world. Metalock is controlled by an international association based in the U.K.

All Metalock companies throughout the world are members of this international association ensuring a very high standard of workmanship.

How does the Metalock repair system work?

Metalock is a completely cold mechanical metal stitching repair process. No heat is required therefore no induced stresses or distortion occurs. The actual strength of the repair can be accurately calculated because this is a totally mechanical repair.

Is a Metalock repair expensive?

The Metalock repair process is labour intensified as it is a totally mechanical repair however the cost is normally under 10% of the replacement cost.

How long will a Metalock repair last?

Once the problem causing the failure is rectified and a satisfactory repair can be effected the Metalock repair will last the life time of the machine.

Are Metalock repairs guaranteed?

We will not carry out a repair unless we can be sure of a 100% satisfactory result therefore the repair is guaranteed.

How does a Metalock repair compare to a weld repair?

Metalock and welding are two totally different repair methods. The main difference is that most welders will not guarantee a repair whereas Metalock does guarantee repairs. The size of the casting or the damage to the casting will not restrict a guarantee.

What are the Metalock repair limitations?

There are no limitations. Metalock is a completely portable repair system. If the damaged casting is too large to transport to our workshop we carry out repairs on site anywhere at any time. Metalock engineers can carry out repairs on a ship at sea or a mine site in the outback.

How strong is a Metalock repair?

We guarantee a standard Metalock repair is 80% of the original strength of the casting. This is sufficient as most castings have a safety factor of 50% - 100% which brings our repair up to standard. Should a repair strength of 100% plus be required we can achieve this by inserting high tensile Masterlocks.

What if there are sections of casting missing?

This is not a problem - we either prefabricate a steel section or alternately make a pattern and have a new cast made. The replacement sections are fitted to the casting and Metalocked into position.

Are Metalock Engineers trained to international standards?

We train our Metalock engineers to standards set by the Metalock International Association.

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