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Welcome to Metalock Engineering Services Australia

A long established mechanical equipment repair company with an outstanding reputation for quality workmanship.

Metalock is the leading Australian cold casting repair process.

The Metalock metal stitching process has worldwide acceptance as the most effective, efficient and successful method of repairing cracked and broken cast iron, aluminimum and steel castings for a wide range of industries.

Metalock Service Include:

  • Metalock Repairs

  • On-site Machining

  • Specialised Welding

  • Reconditioning of Diesel Cylinder Heads

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Metalock Engineering Services. All Metalock engineers have been trained to the high standards demanded by Metalock.

Always ensure you use a Metalock for all of your casting repairs.  

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Rust Treatment

Noverox provides lasting protection against rust and is completely environmentally friendly, water based and not toxic. It is safe and reliable.

Noverox reacts directly with rust changing it into a stable black protective layer preventing further rust from forming while serving as a primer.

Water Sealants

Leak Sealer

Coltogum Water Stop
Highly elastic brushable leak sealing compound.

  • Seals in any weather
  • Easy to brush on
  • Reinforced with fibres
  • High elasticity
  • Suitable for any surface on roofs and walls
  • Toxicity classification: None

Available at
plumbing supply shops

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